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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snark of the week

A reader found an older post in which I poked fun at a poster referring to Obama as the Firearms Salesman of the Year.

Apparently disagreeing with the sentiment, just this morning a reader posted the following comment (spelling errors left intact):

Obama hasn't done a thing regarding gun control. You folks are the scardest, wimpiest people imagineable. We have guns, also, but we are definately a braver lot than you chicken littles on the Right. Glad your gun sales are doing so well, you inventors of fear and boogie men. You make me laugh.

This was such a thoughtful and intelligent comment that I wanted to bring it forth for everyone to see, rather than burying it in an older post.

Feel free to reply.


  1. I don't know. Liberals are generally very hoplophobic. I believe our illiterate liberal here must be lying about having guns.

    The clincher is where he describes himself as brave. Just doesn't happen. Liberals don't do brave.

    There might be a few liberals out there who own guns, but the few I've seen were more a danger to themselves than anything else ... and definitely would not be brave enough to use one properly in a crunch situation.

    Naw ... he's a faker, a troll.


  2. Sure, we can still buy guns. But have you heard what Barry Soetoro and his Leftie posse are trying to do about the Ammo?

  3. "Sure, we can still buy guns. But have you heard what Barry Soetoro and his Leftie posse are trying to do about the Ammo? -- Anonymous"

    Well, the NRA will just have to come up with a new poster honoring Obama for being the reloading equipment and materials salesman of the year.

    Believe it or not, the American will is still indomitable. It's not so evident these days. But, one group that definitely still holds to that characteristic are America's gun owners.

    Politicians will find that they have bit off way more than they can chew if they try to take on that bunch.

    Not to worry, though. They won't try anything before the 2010 elections -- they've lost their shirts every time they made that mistake. And, after November 2010, the America-haters' ranks will be winnowed down so thin they won't be able to do anything like that.


  4. Fortunately we will never run short of idiots. There seems to be an abundant supply to keep us on our toes and for amusement. unfortunate some are dangerous. I beleive that if you want to see where someone is going, look to where they have been. If your reader doesnt think that the big idiot doesnt want your rights just look at his record. Then if you dont get it, dot worry, you wont till its to late.

  5. More evidence that Public Schools have failed us. . . on so many levels.

  6. We live in California, in the same neighborhood as a county fairground. About four times a year, the facility hosts a gun show and one was held about three weeks after the 2008 election. We have never seen anything like the line of cars and people to get into that show! And it still happens a little over a year later. My kids know that when they see the long line of cars on a Saturday morning, "it must be gun-show weekend!" I would say that there must be some connection because prior to Obama's election, the gun show was moderately attended.