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Friday, September 4, 2009

Puh-lease, not racism again!

So now we learn that if we oppose the government takeover of one-fifth of the American economy and the utter socialization of medicine, it's because we're all a bunch of racists. Right.

This charming conclusion was reached by U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-Harlem, who said "racial bias against President Obama is behind opposition to health care reform."

Wrong, Mr. Rangel. The vast vast majority of us don't give a rip about the melanin content of Obama's skin. But we DO give a rip about handing over our individual rights and critical medical decisions (not to mention our privacy) to nameless government bureaucrats.

Uh, what part of this logic don't you understand?


  1. Basically, anytime anyone who is not of the same melanin content as Obama disagrees with him, it's called racism. Soooo, shall I say that any man that disagrees with me is sexist? Regardless of the logic or accuracy of his argument? I'm sure that will convince him that I'm right...
    Our gov't is currently run by idiots of all races. Just call me anti-Statist or something.

  2. I think we need to clearly understand that this is a purposeful tactic used to segregate and alienate anyone who disagrees with the president. If one truly is a racist in society, he/she kind of becomes an outcast. Pro-Obama folks are capitalizing on that fact and consciously using the term "racist" with the hopes of diminishing the competition.

    Bottom line: They know exactly what they're doing. We need to be aware of the strategy as well and counter it in every way.

  3. The US is the only major industrialised country that does not provide regular healthcare to all its citizens. Instead, they are required to provide for themselves – and 50 million people can't afford the insurance. As a result, 18,000 US citizens die every year needlessly, because they can't access the care they require. That's equivalent to six 9/11s, every year, year on year.

    The Republicans want to defend the existing system, not least because they are given massive sums of money by the private medical firms who benefit from the deadly status quo. But they can't do so honestly: some 70 per cent of Americans say it is "immoral" to retain a medical system that doesn't cover all citizens. So they have to invent lies to make any life-saving extension of healthcare sound depraved.

  4. Thought you might like to see this comment on the UK healthcare system:-