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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ode to Joe

I've always had a soft spot for Joe the Plumber. I think it's because the media attack on this very ordinary guy could happen to anyone. During an impromptu and unasked-for meeting with Obama, Joe had the audacity to ask a very valid question. Obama was caught off guard (without his teleprompter, apparently) and flubbed the response. Well, actually, Obama didn't flub; he was quite truthful. Major oops. Can't have that.

In an attempt to wag the dog, the media promptly launched a full-scale attack on Joe for having the audacity to seek a truthful answer to a troubling question. In other words, somehow it became Joe's fault that Obama spilled the beans about sharing the wealth, despite the fact that Joe didn't ask to meet with Obama in the first place and was just an ordinary guy going about his business until Obama stopped him to seek his opinions.

So here's a nicely-written counter to all those absurd attacks on poor Joe. Good for Randall Hoven for setting the record straight.

Not that the Left cares...

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