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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hypocrisy in action?

This has been bugging me.

In reading the Digg comments for last weekend's column in which I maintain that health care is not a right and the government has no business providing it...I came across "uncleosbert's" snarks about my apparent hypocrisy.

The nature of Uncleosbert's objections seem to lie in the fact that my husband and I now have catastrophic health insurance. He writes:

the plan the president is promoting would tax the general public to benefit everyone. it even says so in this article. and then it goes on to make a very odd point:

"Why should I expect that everyone else should pay for my health care?"

how exactly do you think insurance works? your insurance provider pays for your health care. you pay them a fee, but anyone who has actually looked at their bills will realize that they aren't paying for their own health care: they are part of a pooled system that covers everyone's costs out of everyone's funds.

she even admits this:

"We went without health insurance for nearly ten years, through multiple injuries (including the accidental amputation of my husband's thumb), a couple of cancer scares and the birth of both our children. We made private arrangements with the hospital and paid off every dime over time. A few years ago we scraped together the money for catastrophic insurance."

why would she do that if she really believed in picking up her own tab every time? evidently as she and her husband have gotten older, they can see their bills rising and they've taken precautions that fly in the face of her stated ideals.

she is a hypocrite.

I see. The fact that my husband and I take responsibility for our own health insurance is wrong. Somehow the fact that we voluntarily entered into a contractual agreement with a private business for catastrophic health insurance is considered...hypocrisy. Go figure.

This person apparently feels that because my potential health risks are "shared" or "subsidized" by everyone else who voluntarily entered into a contractual agreement for health insurance provided by a private business... then my insistence that government has no business interfering in the health insurance industry and that health care is not a wrong. Go figure.

Sorry, Uncleosbert. It's OUR decision to place OUR money with a PRIVATE BUSINESS to provide health insurance. That's not hypocrisy, that's maturity and personal responsibility.

But my guess is you don't know much about either of those last two assets, so never mind.


  1. I agree that health care is not a right. You never hear that from Washington. And for us to pay for care to those in the country illegally really gets under my skin.

  2. I've written about health care twice so far in my NM Independent column, and will be writing about it again tomorrow. Have you seen David Goldhill's piece about it in The Atlantic? He's a Democrat, but it's amazingly insightful.

  3. If HC is a Right, then how come they are talking about LIMITING it and RATIONING it once it is, cough, "free" to -- gag -- "Everyone?"

    Bill Smith