Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oooooh - GREAT snark of the week!

I just love it when I receive eloquent, thoughtful, intelligent commentary from readers:

I got a good laugh reading your angry, paranoid, delusional rant when I somehow (completely unintentionally) happened to stumble across that cesspit of the internet, aka World Nuts Daily.

Hey, it's not so bad... after all, that vile, Hell-bound, coke-snorting, military-deserting, pathologically-lying, mass-murdering, sociopathic, drunken, depraved, fascist dictator and demented douchebag, George "Lips*" Bushitler is finally gone, and Barack Obama has finally begun to restore honor and integrity to the White House and he's cleaning up the horrific mess which was shat upon all of us by Bushitler and the DICK.

I'm sure someone with your level of anger owns many, many, many guns, right? Do you sleep with them too? If I were you, I'd ask your psychiatrist to up your meds.

In your homeskool, do you teach your children that dinosaurs were "Jesus horsies" and that the earth is only 4,000 years old too?

*: You DO know how he got that nickname, don't you? LOLOL
If not, google it.

And he's calling ME a nut?


  1. I've noticed that people of this ilk have to resort to name-calling simply because they have no valid argument for their theories. When in doubt, make the opposition look like idiots. The only problem with that theory is...well...see the letter to which I'm commenting on. Let me just say to the writer of that letter...PROZAC!

  2. What on earth is that guy talking about? "Jesus horsies"???

    Doesn't it astonish you that these people say that they dislike RELIGION, but you never see them attack Allah, Buddha, Zeus, or any of the Hindu gods. Nope, they reserve all of their hatred and vitrol for Christ. Because He is the only one they are afraid IS real, and so they run in fear of His condemnation, and then they are angry because they run.

    As a child growing up, I didn't understand how people could hate Christ. When I got older, and made some major life mistakes, I understood better how being angry at yourself translates to a misdirected anger at anyone whose existence points those mistakes out to you.

    The problem for people like "Jesus-horsie" is that striking God out of everything won't make Him go away. They know that, and it makes them even angrier. And so conceding anything to them (taking prayer out of public schools, calling Christmas break "semester break,") will never be enough. Because WE - those who believe in Christ - will still be here. And so it will then become - as, indeed, it HAS become in this country - an effort to marginalize, humiliate and eventually get rid of US. Look at Pat Boone's column on WND this week!

    I don't know if we'd agree on everything, Patrice, but I sleep better at night knowing there are gun-toting, cow-milking, God-fearing moms like you out there. And for the record, I am a non-gun-owning member of the NRA - yeah, baby - and university professor - a working mom of two toddlers with a younger husband who is a re-entry student and stay-at-home dad. I got married at 41, CHANGED MY NAME, and had two kids in my 40s. I do yoga, and I am a CONSERVATIVE who voted for Sarah Palin. In other words, I am a liberal feminist's nightmare. I look like they think I should look, but I don't think like they think I should think! :)

    I read your columns on WND all the time. Thanks for all you do. People like you are the backbone of this country and will be at the forefront of the next revolution. And it is coming.

  3. Well at least he's not angry, Patrice. hahhahahaa
    If the commentor owned a gun, I'd be taking cover.

  4. Well at least he's not angry, Patrice. hahahahhaa
    If the first commentor owns a gun, we'd better all take cover.

  5. I feel sorry for this guy. He obviously feels helpless and disoriented in the face of personal and world situations, so he lashes out at others, ascribing to them motives and characteristics which "explain" the mess he perceives.

    The sad part is that such people are the only ones we have to fear when it comes to gun ownership. Just look at what happened yesterday and today with those shootings...

  6. Wow.... Just wow. Mrs. Lewis, God bless you for your contributions too the truth! Too bad it brings out all the demoniacs. I pray that person finds Jesus and apologizes to you publicly for his vomit. Thats beyond a snark, thats just evil.

  7. The liberal nuts like you are the one who put our now Socialist President into office. All who voted for change will surely get it but it won't be the change you anticipated. Get prepared because you're in for the ride of your life, literally and if you think it not, just wait, sit back and carefully watch as this new President tries to take the U.S into a downward spiral of kissing your rights as individuals goodbye. All I can do is Call all Christians to pray, for Obama isn't God and the God we serve is in control and ready to move on behalf of His praying church, His people. "If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

  8. So,

    "and Barack Obama has finally begun to restore honor and integrity to the White House"

    I have not heard that one before.
    THIS OBOTS ARE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The ONLY answer is prayer. Mock me if you must, however, if Christians do not begin to take a stand, pray and be the remnamt of people God has called us to be, His judgement is coming to America - Or, has it already begun. We are living in the end times and things are not going to get any better but God promises to hear us if we pray and things can change for the better. Otherwise, we can sit and do nothing while people continue to lose their jobs, America becomes less safe with every breath, the lives of our children in this country are subjected to immoral injustices, being forced to join a "National Security Force" and be brainwashed, and the putred filth that is trying to infilturate every crack and crevice of society and the list goes on, or we, as the body of Christ can band together, take a stand, no matter the cost, and be the Church God has called us to be - Stand for upright morals, our freedom and not allow our voice to be silenced.
    Stand up America, our founding fathers did and we should do so as well.