Saturday, March 7, 2009

No no!! Socialized medicine GOOD!! Free market BAD!!

I received this in response to today's column, "What is a Socialist?"

Socialized medicine and its horrors!!!!!! I lived in Europe for thirty years and most of that time was in France which has the best health care system in the world (WHO). The American system is without a doubt the worst system in the western world (37th by the WHO) that I have ever encountered. France spends half of what we do and they have more than three times the amount of doctors (free education) that we do and everyone is covered. We have a system run by insurance companies that couldn't care less about the patient, but are only interested in making a profit off the suffering of people. Decisions are not made by doctors, but by accountants who decide which procedure they will pay for with profit and stock holders being the bottom line. Once you have some sort of health insurance which costs an arm and a leg, many of the doctors you go to see will tell you, "we don't accept that insurance company" and then you have to go and find which one does which automatically limits the choice of doctors you can see. This is why over forty million people and increasing every day don't have any insurance because they can't afford it. Me being one of them. Fortunately, I also happen to be married to an English woman so when either of us get sick we don't go to a doctor, we go to the airport and go to Europe for treatment. Just go to Google and punch in "medical holidays" or "medical vacations" and see how many websites offer medical services for Americans overseas. It seems that thousands of Americans every day go to the airports as well to go overseas to get their treatment rather than get it here in this country because of the price or they are forced to if they want to get the proper treatment.

The truth is that every other modern country in the world has long ago figured out that you can't have cost-effective, universal health care unless the government is the paymaster, with prices set by the government. The truth too is that no country that has moved to such a single-payer system has later rejected it--a good indication that the people of these countries are satisfied with the results and with what they're getting for what they're paying.

No one would say that about the US health care system, which is failing over 40 million people completely, that is the leading cause of bankruptcy, that is making US companies non-competitive, and that sucks up over 17 percent of GDP while producing life expectancy and infant mortality figures that make some Third World countries look good.

Yes, I am quite sure you can tell me stories about some bad experiences that people have had with the Canadian system or the English system and there are hundreds of people here in the United States every day that can tell you about the horror stories of the American system. Many of my friends can contact you with their stories if you like.

I realize that most members of Congress will not accept national health insurance for this country because they are all bought and paid for by the drug companies, lobbies and medical associations. They already have it for themselves and their families so why give it to the public!

After living for so many years overseas I completely understand why America is often used as an example of what not to be!! And please don't say to me, "if it is so good over there why don't you live there instead". That is just an ignorant response from people who don't have one!



  1. Umm...I know I'm ignorant.

    But I'd sure like an answer to his last question.



  2. I'm pretty much with Don on this one.

  3. That person is making a common mistake: assuming that America has a free market in medicine today. WE DON'T. It is FASCIST: Private "ownership" but government control. Government control has been going on for a long time in the form of licensing of doctors, regulation of medical schools and hospitals (and everything else), and interference in insurance. A truly free market in medicine would look entirely different and would be drastically less expensive. People nowadays are so used to having to get permission from the government to do anything that they don't even know what freedom looks like anymore.

  4. This guy needs to check his facts our health care system is not free market anymore. there are so many government regulations that it kills the free market.