Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Newsflash - I'm a racist

I always find it fascinating when people attribute negative qualities to me that I never knew I had. Now I'm a "racist" because I got a chuckle out of a Photoshopped cereal box poking fun at Obama's administration. I don't like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton either - does this make me racist too? Or just a sexist? Wow, I'm a mess.

Here's what my new admirer writes:

News Flash: You need to take "Christian" off of the "About Me" page.

You are not. You amaze me that you can't see that your inflammatory remarks are racist. Come on. If you know what a duck is and it makes a quacking sound, surely you know that "Choco-Loops of deceit" is racist. Otherwise it would have just been "O's of deceit or Loops of deceit".

I know, you have lots of black friends and that makes less of a racist. But now that I think about it, you probably don't have any black friend there in rural Idaho and probably never will.

I didn't shove that racism in your face. It was already there.

I'm praying for you.

Yeah right.


  1. People need to get a life and a sense of humor

  2. If you post ANYTING negative about Barack Obama you are a racist. In fact if you didn't vote for him you were a racist too. In fact if you don't believe that he is the "mesiah" then you are a racist. I am so sick of that being thrown up in our faces. If not liking his policies and not believing that he is doing an AMAZING job makes me a racist then I am PROUDLY a racist.
    PS. I would have voted for Colin Powell and I think that he would have done a much better job.
    Walter is right some people need a sence of humor.

  3. You got something right and something wrong. Learn how to spell. M-E-S-S-I-A-H! I knew you didn't know Him or how to spell His name!

    You people are soooo funny!!

    1. Sine we are going down that road, sweet cheeks, I suppose that I in turn, eleven years later, should correct your own spelling. It is "so." You have no need for three extra letters in a two letter word. Bless your nonexistent heart.

      From eleven years in the future, Jenny Doe.

  4. OK- so what was Ray Nagin in New Orleans, when he said it would be a "chocolate" city again? People kill me. Some black people are not really black- if they are conservatives, the only real blacks are liberals, according to liberal blacks. As far as racism goes, when a black liberal calls another black "uncle Tom" or a house slave because they work and get paid by whites seems to be the worst kind of racism. Race baiting by the likes of Sharpton or Jackson is disgusting. I agree with the above poster who said if you don't agree with obama, you're a racist. Seems like the only ones allowed to show their racism and get away with it are liberal democrats. OK, to make things fair- how about making a cereal box about a white guy called "cracker" jacks? Get over yourself.

  5. Guess I am racist and a bigot. I find different things funny. I think it is funny when Carlos Mencia does "dun dun da" as in he acting retarded or stupid, probably both. Our society is too sensitive. People tell me I am a no good Bible thumping, children protecting, Mexican loving, homeschooling, did I mention no good - woman. Who cares. They can kiss know. I'm tired of people being so sensitive. People bashed Bush all the time. Made fun of him because he was a Texan (as if we have no intelligence) and a rich white man. Let them think what they want, I say. But I will be damned if they are going to control what I say while they spew their own hatred.

    Mrs. Damian (Ouida) Garcia

  6. Obama is as black as I am. He is only half black and he was raised by his white family. Hey me too! He is called the messiah because he supports socialist doctrine and wants to punish those who worked for their money. I do not like him and did not vote for him, so I am a white wash racist. Interesting how that works out.

  7. Mrs. Damian-They can kiss know. I'm tired of people being so sensitive.

    Interesting that you find people over sensitive when you are one to jump to conclusions and act with an emotional rage that is unwarranted. I also find it humorous how you in one breath talk about how you want privacy and don't want anyone to know where you are at, but then you go and spread your name and whereabouts all over the internet where anyone with a 2nd grade reading level could find you in a matter of 5 minutes. One post you talk about how strong a Christian you are, then the next you are talking trash thinking you are all big and bad. Maybe you should rethink the way you have handled your relationships in the past, and the way you go around talking to people. Its not everyone else Mrs. Damian Garcia. Its you.

    -One time friend

  8. One time friend -

    I wish you would have left your name so we could have had a conversation away from Patrice's blog. You didn't and that says something. You are a coward. You may call me petty but I leave my real name so people know where I stand. You hide behind your computer where no one knows who you are. You think I have issues, you do sister. By the way, I'm not angry; I just feel sorry for you.

    Mrs. Damian Garcia - Ouida Gabriel