Friday, March 6, 2009

A Liberal Perspective

In response to last week's column equating out-of-control spenders in Washington to kids let loose in a candy store, I received the following from a faithful reader. This fellow is obviously very liberal, but I'd like to say that he's consistently one of my most polite readers. (He decided I wasn't such a troglodyte after all when he learned we have a mutual love of classical music.)

An interesting liberal perspective.

Hello Patrice ! Interesting post, but with all due respect, I feel you've been misled,like so many other Americans, into thinking that Obama and his administration,and liberal democratic politicians in general are "socialists", and that they are a threat to freedom and prosperity in America.
This is not to say that what Obama proposes to do with the economy will succeed,or that his social and economic policies are perfect, but if anything is a threat to freedom and prosperity here,it's the whole right-wing agenda. Obama is no socialist,Marxist or communist; the notion that he is is a myth. Nor is he all THAT liberal and left-wing.In fact,the true left-wingers in America think he''s much too conservative. That's pretty ironic,isn't it.
Of course his administration will make mistakes,probably serious ones,and cause problems. Every administration has done this. Obama's supporters have never said he is perfect. But there is about as much chance of Obama turning America into another communist dicatorship as Osama Bin Laden converting to Judaism and settling in Israel.
Why is it that any politician,commentator or private citizen who does not agree with conservative republican views is automatically labeled a socialist,Marxist and communist? This is ludicrous. And not all liberals agree on every issue,just as not all conservatives do.
But many of the people in America ,whether politicians,commentators or others who call themselves"conservative",aren't conservative, but FASCISTS !
If you think that Obama's plans to use massive government spending to improve the economy, create jobs,help the poor and those out of work, improve our schools, rebuild the infrastructure etc is bad, consider what right-wingers would have our government do,or not do. And if you think that raising our taxes is bad, look at what LOWERING them would do.
Conservatives talk glibly about the evils of big government,and the need to make it smaller, and how we need"limited" government, and how vital it is to lower taxes as much as possible.
All of this sounds wonderful to naive people, but this is what would happen if the right-wing in the US got its way.

The poor and those out of work through no fault of their own would be royally screwed,and left to their own devices. Welfare would be abolished. Tough noogies ,poor folks. Businesses would be totally unregulated and free to wreck the envoironent, put dangerous products out, and the wealthiest would get all the tax breaks. Would prosperity"trickle down"?
Are you kidding ? Out schools would never improve enough to provide all young people with a good education. School vouchers might help SOME kids get a better education, but nowhere near enough. Enormous numbers of young people hoping for college, graduate,medical and law school educations would never get the chance because of lack of government assistance.
Poor women would be told that they must bear children whether they can provide for them or not. Those poor,unwanted children who WERE born insead of being aborted anyway, would get no government help. No programs to improve nutrition and get early education,leading to more dropouts, teenage abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and more poor children being born with no chances of succeeding in life,leading to more poverty,unemployment and crime;a vicious cycle.
And talk about liberals taking away our freedom, the conservative agenda would put the government in our bedrooms, ban anything considered"indecent", give religion too much power, and thwart vital medical and scientific research because of religious obscurantism.
If you think that multicultural and politically correct education in schools today is bad, schools would be forced into abstinence only sex education,which would only INCREASE teenage pregnancies and STDs, and abortions too. Students would be forced to pray in school even if they were atheists or agnostics. Non-evangelical christians,such as Jews and others would be second-class citizens. Creationism would be taught in school as incontrovertable fact.
Students would be told in school that homosexuality is an abomination,against nature and profoundly immoral,and that if they are gay, they are doomed to hellfire. The government would persecute,arrest, imprison and possibly execute gays.
And you're afraid of the Obama administration ?


  1. Wake up. The government is already into everything and everybody's business. The Republican and Democratic parties both deserve all of the blame for the mess our country is in. You want a real change, to really send a message to the government. Check out the Constitution Party. Bring America back to the republic it started out as.

    Oh, by the way, our schools already stink, creationism is an incontrovertable fact, homosexuality is an abomination, and there are always going to be poor people. Communities use to take care of their own. Now everyone assumes the government will do it. And I have yet to see any statistics to show that government intervention actually works. Usually it just provides inaccurate records.

    North Carolina

  2. This poor sap apparently isn't aware of Constitutional vs. Unconstitutional. Congressman David Crockett once voted against a government pension for a widow of a Revolutionary War hero. It wasn't that he was unfeeling...he offered to donate a portion of his salary to her upkeep, but he was unwilling that the taxpayers monies be unconstitutionally dispersed in such a way. Poor people, folks out of a job through no fault of their own? I feel for them and would gladly contribute a portion of the pittance that I bring home to help them (and I DO, as a matter of fact). What I resent is the government taking upon itself this job of charity when it ISN'T CONSTITUTIONAL! IT'S NOT GOVERNMENT'S JOB!

  3. We have no money for the poor because the government took it by force.

  4. Yes, that is what moderates and liberals believe conservatives are like and what they would do. It is hard to seperate the fringe's yelling from the decent people not on the extreme edge.

    The same conservative people who howled in outrage at the Dixie Chick's saying they were ashamed of Bush aren't even giving this president a chance, let alone any respect. They are saying far worse then the Dizie Chicks did and that is of course fine - because they are saying it. We've seen this and it makes it hard to give any repect to the anti-Obama articles in WND or elsewhere.

    Conservatives prove to the rest of us again and again they are hypocrits. Listen to Rush - the party leaders apologized for offending him! Listen to them howl about the 2nd ammendment while condoning torture and forcing their religious view of morality down our throats! To most of us, a possible limit on the 2nd ammendment to get the 1st and 9th back sounds like a very good deal.

    I'm libertarian. I wish I could gag the extremes of both conservatives and liberals and see if the reasonable people left could get along or at least try to explain themselves to each other.